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Glenn Druery (‘the preference whisperer’) to speak at Government Relations Summit

On November 8, 2013 , in News , by admin

Glenn Druery, Founder of Independent Liaison, will be speaking at the 7th Annual Government Relations Summit

7th Annual Govt Relations Summit 2013_web


Glenn Druery is the most prominent and successful Independent and minor party political strategist and electoral campaigner in Australia. The media has dubbed Glenn ‘the preference whisperer.’


He has a lifelong commitment to the election of Independent and minor party MPs in all Parliaments around the country and has been instrumental in the campaigns and preference arrangements for Independent and minor party candidates in local, state and federal elections over more than 20 years. In that time Glenn has had many very public electoral victories.


Glenn advises businesses and organisations on how to have the most effective and productive working relationships with Independent and minor party MPs around the country. He is perhaps the best placed policy specialist available to the business community and organisations with an interest in working with Independents and minor parties in Australia.   He continues to work closely with those MPs on their electoral campaigns.


Prior to founding Independent Liaison, Glenn Druery worked at the NSW Parliament as the liaison and negotiator for the many Independent and minor party MPs.  He was instrumental in the formation of numerous minor parties and is known for his extraordinary success in negotiating preference arrangements to assist Independent and minor party candidates get elected.


He has been an Independent and minor party candidate himself in several state and federal elections.

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